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Vaude Abbigliamento


Outdoor clothing and bike clothing of VAUDE

Here at Vaude, we have been leading the way in mountain sports clothing and bike clothing ever since our company was established in 1974.

Vaude is a family run business based in the town of Tettnang in Germany, which produces high quality mountain sports apparel for people who enjoy pushing their own limits.
We are passionate about the natural environment and have taken care to develop clothing that not only looks and feels fantastic to wear, but also keeps our customers safe,warm and comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. We are committed to producing outdoor clothing that performs at its best to ensure that our products can always be trusted on the mountain or cycling track.
This dedication also extends to our responsibility towards the environment, which is a crucial part of our production process. We continually work to achieve the highest standards in environmental compatibility, so that not only do we produce a better standard of product but we also reduce our impact on the natural environment. The mountain is the focal point of everything that we produce. It is our heart, our driving force and our continued ambition to bethe best.

Protective outdoor clothing for demanding weather conditions

Choosing the right clothing and equipment is essential to stay safe in a wilderness environment, which is why Vaude clothing is specifically designed for protecting the body in mountainous terrain and poor weather conditions.
We take our commitment to producing the best quality outdoor clothing and bike clothing extremely seriously, so it is important to us that our products work well every time they are worn. We want all our outdoor clothing to be technically excellent and continually strive to be the pioneers of our industry by looking for new and innovative ways to upgrade our products.

Vaude produces a range of outdoor jackets and soft shell jackets that are lightweight, windproof and waterproof, providing the best protection for hikers, walkers and cyclists. Our range of fleece jackets provides an essential layer of insulation when needed, but are also light enough to carry in a backpack , making them useful components of any walking or travelling outfit. This jacket collection is accompanied by an extensive choice of shirts, tops and sweaters, which are designed to be convenient and practical garments for wearing on the move, but also come in a choice of contemporary colours and styles.

If you want to make the most of your time on the slopes, then you will need the appropriate protective pants to keep your dry and comfortable. For the lower body, our range of walking pants and tights are an essential pants choice for wet weather or snowy conditions. For bike sports, we provide an exceptional collection of bike clothing, including softshell shorts and warm pants to keep you warm and dry on long bike rides. Our outdoor clothing range also offers a selection of high quality underwear and protective accessories, such as winter gloves and warm woolly hats to complete your outdoor outfit.